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  B. by JDA 1 fl oz 30 ml
  Thermal Effects to help with naturally smoothing and tightening facial muscles.

Price: $127.00 Sale Price: $97.00
  Anti-Aging Serum 1 oz
  Concentrated Anti-Aging Serum, Wrinkles and Skin Blemishes.
Price: $74.00 Sale Price: $
  Purifying Clarifying Mask 1.7 oz
  Regulate Sebum, Reduce Large Pores, Clarify Skin
Price: $35.00 Sale Price: $
  Gentle Facial Gel 1.7 oz
  Gently exfoliate dead skin cells and remove all make-up traces, Fine Lines and Sun Damage.
Price: $35.00 Sale Price: $
  Body Softening Milk 13.5 oz
  Emulsion designed to moisturize, soften and protect the body skin.
Price: $27.00 Sale Price: $
  Dermo Cleansing Milk with Sea Collagen 13.5 oz
  Sea Collagen helps improve the skin softness and elasticity.
Price: $27.00 Sale Price: $
  Hydrating Anti-Wrinkle Cream 1.7 oz
  Advanced formulation cream fights against fine lines & wrinkles and improve skin texture.
Price: $64.00 Sale Price: $
  Svelgance Slimming Gel & Vitamin Exfoliating Cream Kit 75 ml
  Exfoliating & Slimming kit stimulates and refines the skin texture and body contour.
Price: $54.00 Sale Price: $
  Jouvence Cream 1.7 oz -Out of Stock-

Please order instead the new Jouvence Cream "Total Performance-Total Skin Solution"
  Legendary cream against acne & surgery scars, stretch marks and skin imperfections.
Price: $0.00 Sale Price: $0.00