"…Jouvence Cream has
been shown to greatly
improve scars and stretch
marks. It is an effective
product that aids the
cicatrization and
blemished skin…."

Dr. Thomas H., MD, TN

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Hands & Feet Care

Nutritive Hands & Feet Cream 40 ml

Extremely regenerating, this nutritive cream helps treat calluses, rough, dry, cracked, scaled and chapped hands, feet, elbows & knees. Prevent the accumulation, hardening of dead skin cells & thickening at some skin areas. This build-up of layers of skin cells is called calluses. The rich composition of lipid active ingredients nourish and repair thick, dry and squamous skin. It is absorbed rapidly into the skin layers, preventing the formation of calluses and leaving your skin soft and silky. Intensive moisturizing cream that protects and maintains healthy nails, soft hands and feet.

How to use:
Apply and rub-on dry and clean affected body parts, twice daily. Repeat if necessary.

Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil, Cera Alba Beewax…

Intensive Hand Cream 40 ml

  • Hand Cream against dry, rough, cracked, scaled & blemished skin with age and liver spots, lentigos.
  • Extremely moisturizing & rejuvenating hand cream that provides intensive actions to lighten age spots and prevent new ones from forming.
  • Inhibit the tyrosinase’s activity, enzyme responsible for the skin pigmentation and reduce the melanin development level.
  • Cream with cell regenerating properties provides a younger, smoother and silkier skin texture.
  • Hydrating & emollient hand cream acts as a natural anti-irritant and safe for sensitive skin. Protective, penetrating, quickly absorbent and non-greasy.
How to use:
Apply and rub-on dry and clean hands twice daily.

Calophyllum oil, Babassu oil Brassica napus extracts, Milk Protein, Retinol, Arnica,Vitamin E…