"…Jouvence Cream has
been shown to greatly
improve scars and stretch
marks. It is an effective
product that aids the
cicatrization and
blemished skin…."

Dr. Thomas H., MD, TN

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Antilope Eau de Parfum 50ml

This 1945 Antilope French perfume is inspired by the opulent and luxurious fur sensation of the 1920's for the creation of a warm, voluptuous and bewitching Eau de Parfum that dresses women with elegance and refinement.

Its sensuality is characterized by the floral, woody and ambery notes that make the woman, who wears it, feels classy, chic and very feminine.

Scent Composition:
  • Floral top : Neroli, aldehyd, bergamot.
  • Fresh fruity heart : Clary sage, rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, Orris, violet.
  • Woody & ambery base : sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, tonka beans, oak moss, patchouli, amber, mossy woods and musc.

Antilope Perfumed Body Lotion 75 ml

A perfumed body lotion scented with the 1945 Antilope French Eau de Parfum’s fragrances of the floral, woody and ambery notes.

Bambou Eau de Parfum 50 ml

A discreet & persistent touch characterizes Bambou Eau de Parfum. Bambou Eau de Parfum is the light & fruity fragrance to start the fresh and young evening with...

It is the warm & woody base chord that makes Bambou Eau de Parfum symbolized the independence & the refinement of the Woman.

What's an outstanding mark of timelessness !

Created in 1984

Scent Composition: Fruity- Floral
  • Fruity top : Mandarine de Sicile
  • Floral heart : Jasmine flower, tea rose, ylang ylang, tuberose
  • Woody base : Mysore santal wood, oak moss, Bourbon vetiver

Bambou Perfumed Body Lotion 125 ml

Bambou Perfumed Body Lotion is scented with Bambou Woman Eau de Parfum's discreet and persistent touches of madarine de sicile, jasmine flower, oak, moss, bourbon vetiver...

Eau de Fraicheur 100ml

Eau de Fraicheur - Eau de Toilette is a zesty combination of lemon, orange blossom and coriander... that evokes the caress of the first sunbeam and the coolness of a summer breeze…

Eau de Fraicheur is a sparkling little touch of simplicity in a woman’s every day life.

Created in 1961 and upgraded with a hint of Fruity green:

Scent Composition:

  • Fruity green top: Bergamot, neroli, lemon, coriander, orange, mandarine, marjolaine.
  • Floral heart : Fleur d’oranger, muguet, rose, jasmin
  • Woody base : Cèdre, vétiver, musc

Eau de Fraicheur Perfumed Body Milk 400 ml

Eau de Fraicheur Perfumed Body Milk is scented with Eau de Fraicheur's fragrances of Bergamot, neroli,coriander, mandarine, marjolaine, floral heart of fleur d’oranger, muguet, rose, jasmin...

Sweet Bambou Eau de Parfum 50 ml

Floral & fresh Sweet Bambou Eau de Parfum is of an absolute touch of spontaneity and fineness.

Its delicate and subtle perfume appeals to the modern woman who wishes to express her femininity softly and gently.

Creation in 2005
Green Musky Floral

Scent Composition:

  • Fruity floral top : Violet, mandarin, petit grain
  • Heart notes : Sage, tea rose, jasmin
  • Base notes : Vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood, musc

Sweet Bambou Perfumed Body Lotion 75 ml

Sweet Bambou Perfumed Body Lotion is delicately scented with Sweet Bambou Eau de Parfum's fragrances of green musky floral, sage, tea rose, jasmin, patchouli, sandalwood...

Eau de Weil 50 ml

The newest fragrance in the long tradition of Weil perfumes and fragrances.